Thursday music

Why not?

The perennially soppy James Blunt's 1973 actually got to me. Not that I was around in 1973 itself, but the song and video capture some of the nostalgia that's been plaguing me lately. I quite like the way the video's done, with the street and shops lighting up as he passes. I think it captures the feeling of going back to a place you used to know well. The editing towards the end of the song, when the music picks up a bit, is just lovely and I like the way the dancing's been filmed. The whole thing makes me think of Kathmandu because that's one place I did actually go back to and still want to return to at some point. In the mean time, the song's good to sigh to.

Oh my ears

It. Was. Awesome.

And surprisingly heavy.

We were about six people away from the stage.

And right next to the speakers.

They played the entire 3-hour show.

And they played every song I was hoping to hear.

Three encores. (as one person standing next to me observed, they could've just taken a break and done a two-part show.)

You can get some of the NOISE of it on the main page of their site, although that's from a 2005 festival. You can see some pictures of yesterday's show here.

They started with 'Fascination Street', which I recognized immediately. This is remarkable only because I never recognize it when it comes on normally.

They did a fantastic version of 'Walk' three or four songs in. Danced my ass off, I did.

Their second encore was 'Friday I'm In Love', 'Just Like Heaven', and 'Close to Me'.

Their third included 'Boys Don't Cry' (Sin, I SO thought of you) and 'Why Can't I Be You', although I wonder if I'm getting mixed up...sounds like that last one was part of the second encore...??

And they did lots else that's all jumbled up in my head at the moment. My ears still hurt a little from when the music got all screechy at one (long, long) point. But it's so worth it. I wouldn't have missed this for the world. If anyone's still wondering whether they should go to whichever concert is nearest them, DO. I have no idea what the local goth forum people were on about. The show was energetic and fun and I think each person around me was singing along at some point. They're in New Zealand next, and then the US.

Now. On to my gripe. I don't want to sound like little miss manners here but oh my god some people are so bloody rude. If there's a crowd and you don't have room to wave your arms about without banging into someone, here's an idea: don't. This is not a difficult concept. People who get there late and then try to push their way past you piss me off too, as do the people who let them. If I get there first, I'm not fucking moving. And I have pointy elbows. Contact with lots of people I'll deal with for the show, even having to brush up against everyone around me, much as it makes my skin crawl, I'll put up with. But pushing? Hell no. I'm quite proud of myself for not letting this obnoxious group of girls through. ("Oh I'm sorry, did I jab you in the head with my elbow? Funny, I could have sworn there wasn't anyone one inch from me a moment ago." Rinse and repeat as often as necessary.) I suppose I did learn a few things in Lahore after all. But it's annoying to have to use it because it means I'm paying attention to something other than the music that I am there for.

But, on a positive note, the black-clad of Melbourne were out in force. We had an enitre tramful of goths and goth-alikes smiling vaguely at each other on the way back. Lovely.

Tonight, tonight

Tonight we go see the Cure! People have been reserving their enthusiasm, but reports from the Adelaide and Sydney concerts are that they're actually putting on a great show. That's a relief since I've never seen them live before. Here's hoping the energy continues.

The setlist from the Adelaide show was
Open, Fascination Street, alt.end, The Blood, A Night Like This, The Walk, The End of the World, Lovesong, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Never Enough, The Figurehead, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, The Baby Screams, Push, Inbetween Days, Friday I'm In Love, Just Like Heaven, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep, The Kiss, Us Or Them, Wrong Number, One Hundred Years, End

1st Encore: Hot Hot Hot, Let's Go To Bed, Close To Me, Why Can't I Be You?
2nd Encore: Three Imaginary Boys, Fire In Cairo, Boys Don't Cry, Jumping Someone Else's Train, Grinding Halt, 10:15 Saturday Night, Killing An Arab

Given that it's been a few days (and they're not Pearl Jam), I'm hoping they'll do a lot of the same again.  

Giant steps are what you take

...when you have tickets to see the Police in concert. Oh yes. Six months from now, but holy @#$%^&**&^%$# I'm going to actually see the actual Police in actual concert. Fourteen-year-old-me would have killed for this. Current me is pretty over the moon too. We forked out for the mid-range tickets - nosebleed seats when you want to see the drummer just won't work.

This is turning out pretty awesome, really. We get to Oz and Pearl Jam turn up, then the Cure decide to pop back in after 5 years away, and then the Police not only get back together but come down to Melbourne before the year is out. Add the Transformers movie to the mix and I'm reliving 1983-1997, only on fast-forward and at full volume. Which doesn't work on video (remember those?) I know, but does in real life. I think. Whatever. I'm happy.

Now to come up with a viable PhD proposal...